Alison Alexander Back for Seconds in 2016

It’s official, Alison Alexander will be returning to Felton Food Festival in 2016. In fact, she loved it so much last year, we couldn’t stop her from returning if we wanted to!

Alison is a native Queensland foodie. 

Co-founder of the first Brisbane Farmers’ market, Food Consultant, Queensland Food Fellow and Gourmet Blogger, she has the scrumptious job of travelling all around this great state inspiring others with her vast knowledge and promoting local agriculture and food production.

She has worked hard to build an excellent reputation among Queensland primary producers, industry leaders, chefs and the food media.

Alison is a great addition to our celebrity chef team, and will be presenting a series of cooking demonstrations that demonstrate how to use some of Felton’s fabulous local produce.

Don’t miss Alison Alexander at Felton Food Festival, 10th of April 2016.