Friends of Felton Exposed - Meet Iris Bryce

Iris was born in Toowoomba in the 20th century (1936). Dad came here in 1908 and they boarded the teacher of Nunkulla School. Dad never dairyed and was the first Bryce in Felton who didn’t. Dad had property on both sides of the creek, so eventually sold the land on the western side.

Iris is the middle of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They lived at Allendale which was 6 miles from Nunkulla school, so they did correspondence school, and after pestering her mother Iris started a year early. When she did go to school, she would ride a pony to school and regularly fell off. In that year Iris was promoted up a grade. Iris boarded at Fairholme for 4 years (and became dux) then at a Brisbane teachers college. Her first teaching school was at Cambooya in 1954 and she was there for 5 years. When she started she was only 3 years older than the oldest students.

She had an A30 car and started the first “bus” run to Cambooya school. Her first tax return – Iris found it the other day, and in her first year earned 460 pounds and 10 shillings gross. The numbers in Cambooya varied from 50 to 100 with 2 teachers and all were taught in a single room.

She was transferred to Rangeville just after having her wisdom teeth out, which limited her vocal ability for a few days.  She relieved at Cecil Plains, then went to Jandowie, and learned everyone was related to everyone else and the road to Dalby was very rough. She was there for 3 years, then the South Infant school in Toowoomba. She was offered high school teaching but refused it, along with a principals job, but did take on deputy principal at Wilsonton for 14 years. In 1992 Iris took long service leave looking after her mother and then her father, then was quite ill herself, and then fought a mine.

Iris has royal connections having attended a garden party in Brisbane when Princess Alexandria was out. Her father reached 100 years old and had a telegram from the Queen. In 1954 she watched the Queen go by in Toowoomba, and has stood outside Buckingham Palace.

She has visited Cairns, Uluru, Papua New Guineau, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Canada. Egypt and Greece were interesting, South America was the most fascinating, and she has visited Europe.

Her achievements : Citizen of the Year in 2011 for the shire, played indoor bowls and has played for Queensland with bowls and in triples has been Queensland Champion twice, has taken on various treasurer roles, loves photography and has won a couple of slides competitions.

Iris did scholarship (grade 7 or 8), topped Queensland in geography, and rather enjoyed the mine fight.

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