Felton Farmers – Rob & John Piper, Father & Son Modern Day Farmers

Crack open a coldie, and say “Cheers” to the farmers of this great land who tirelessly work the Felton fields from dawn till dusk, growing and producing the ingredients and sustenance we all need to survive. Like the barley that brews the cold stuff we all look forward to after a long day.

The Felton district in the Darling Downs is famous for its soils, scenery, clean air and climate that enables it to grow food crops all year round. Crops like sorghum, corn, wheat, barley, chickpeas, mungbeans, sunflowers, lettuce, cabbages, beetroot, celery and onions.

The farmers of the Felton Valley feed the world, and two of these ‘supermen of soil’ are father and son, Rob and John Piper. The Felton district is just 30km south-west of Toowoomba, and driving along Pittsworth Road, you’re likely to spot them, hard at work, piloting their harvester around a paddock full of barley.

Even their Border Collie dog Oscar is pulling his weight. Everyone’s got to chip in around here, there’s always so much to be done.

As a younger farmer in the district John is often referred to as a ‘modern farmer’, meaning he’s always willing to give new things a go. New innovations, technology and farming practices like zero tilling that can help improve crop yield and quality, as well as reduce environmental impact.

Rob and John Piper, supermen of soil, we salute you!