Felton Farmers - Sylvester Paulie aka Vestie, Retired Farmer and Professional Tinkerer!

What does a man who has worked the land his whole life do, when he finally hangs up his boots (the soles worn through from years of non-stop gruelling work on the farm)?

The answer. He tinkers.

In the Felton Valley, just 30km south-west of Toowoomba, you will find a retired farmer come ‘professional tinkerer’ known as Vestie. In his late 80's, Sylvester Paulie is never short of yarns or time to show you around his shed where you will find his pride and joy - the ride on lawn mower he built 30 years ago, which is still in A1 condition and works better than anything you will find in a shop.

His parents built the homestead (that Vestie still lives in) in 1912 and he looks after the place, even repairing one of the front steps (banging the hammer on an anvil like someone 40 years younger).

Although Vestie is retired from farming he still likes to keep busy and loves when visitors stop by for a yarn. Brimming with great stories about farming and life 70 years ago, Vestie says "over the years everything has changed to the buggery!"

Ask him about computers and social media, and the man looks worried. Pulling his Samsung flip phone from his top pocket (it was chained to his top pocket so he didn't lose it) Vestie proudly says that he only uses his phone as a phone! That's all it should be used for. Computers and phones, “it's gone mad altogether".

This Felton farmer is someone you could sit and yarn with all day long. Sylvester Paulie is great local man full of fantastic stories and jokes, living a simple life in the picturesque Felton Valley. Champion!