Felton Farmers - Bruce Passmore, 4th Generation Felton Farmer

Since the late 1800s, the Felton Valley (located 30kms south-west of Toowoomba) has established itself as a fertile farming area with a history as rich as the soil it was made on. Farming in Felton has adapted from early dairy farms, with the development of machinery and other technologies that saw farmers branch out to a range of crops thanks to the region's reliable growing environment and productive soils.


Some of today's farmers grow a wide range of summer and winter cereals, others grow oilseeds and legumes. Some focus on beef or dairy, and others on lamb or pork. Even vegetable producers are drawn to the well-drained slopes and reliable irrigation.

Then there’s the man who does it all. Bruce Passmore is what you call a diversified farmer, with a finger in every pie - cattle, sheep, hay and cropping, on his property which has been in the family since 1878 (4 generations). Over time, many farming properties in the Felton Valley have changed hands, but there has also been a strong family continuity, with some families having resided in the valley for up to six generations.

Of all his diversification, Bruce’s investment into Limousine Cattle is now finally starting to bring returns. You can see that great pride is taken in the 30 head of cattle, his calves are just divine!

Bruce has 1,050 acres on the Condamine River, and you'd think living so close to the river Bruce would be a keen fisherman, but in his entire life he has only been fishing twice. Too busy on the farm perhaps! He says he would prefer to go and have a beer with the fishermen than throw in a line.

Bruce Passmore, 4th Generation Felton Farmer, you can have a beer with us anytime!