Felton Farmers - Bob

Meet the Farmers of Felton - Bob

How long have you been farming?
All my life so far! I started farming in 1948, so 68 years this year.

Where is your farm located and how big is it?
The farm is located in Felton and is 175 hectares.

What do you farm?
In winter we farm wheat or barley and in summer it is sorghum, corn, mung beans, sunflowers and millett.

How many people work on your farm?
My son, Peter, and I work on the farm. I am his offsider these days.

What do you like most about farming?
Getting up in the morning and watching a crop grow from planting through to harvest.

What is your least favourite part of farming?
Fighting the elements at times, things like drought, fire, floods, hail storms. Also the challenges of poor yields and poor prices.

What is one key change you have seen take place in farming over your years in the industry?
GPS auto steer, minimum till practices and the use of chemicals replacing cultivating.

What challenges do you see for farming in the future?
Weeds are becoming harder to get rid of, the price of grain is very low and the expenses of running a farm continue to rise.

What opportunities do you see for farming in the future?
I see a very bright future with plenty of opportunities. If only I were 50 years younger!

Why do you like being involved in the Felton Food Festival?
Being part of a very friendly, happy day with all the other local volunteers and those from other areas helping and sharing their stories.

Why should people come to the Festival?
To come and see how we live in the country and how we make a living. There are plenty of stalls and exhibits to enjoy and good clean country air to breath in. They will also get to eat some good food.