Felton Farmers - Vicki

How long have you been farming?
20 years at Felton but both Andrew and I grew up on farms

Where is your farm located and how big is it?
We are located on four holdings at Felton  and Ellangowan totalling  350 hectares

What do you farm?
In winter we grow usually chickpeas, wheat, barley or canary, and in summer we grow sorghum, mungbeans and millet. We also have Angus cattle so plant forage sorghum and oats

How many people work on your farm?
My husband, Andrew and I. Our three boys - Sam 15, Jack 13, and Tom 11 – are a fantastic help on weekends and school holidays

What do you like most about farming?
We spend a lot of time planning in farming, and I love seeing the success of it all coming together

What is your least favourite part of farming?
The vagaries of the weather and keeping up with the constant demand for more machinery and tools that goes with living with four boys!

What is one key change you have seen take place in farming over your years in the industry?
Definitely the improvements in technology, and particularly in the development of satellite guidance. This has allowed us to reduce overlap on the farm, in some places 15%

What challenges do you see for farming in the future?
The affordability of purchasing more land and the rising cost of inputs (including machinery, chemicals and labour)

What opportunities do you see for farming in the future?
There are so many opportunities for children going forward into the agricultural industry. To continue feeding the world agriculture needs not only farmers but chemists, writers, teachers, computer programmers, economists, food technicians, fabricators…the list is endless!

Why do you like being involved in the Felton Food Festival?
The Festival gives us a chance to bridge the gap between rural and non rural life, showcase what farmers do, and help people to understand what life is like on the land.

Why should people come to the Festival?
It’s a great chance to chat to a farmer and take in the natural beauty of the area that we are so proud to live in.

Any other comments?
The Felton Food Festival has given our boys the chance to really connect to, and play an important role in the community. They love being involved and have engaged their entrepreneurial sides by packaging and selling things like pecan nuts and alpaca poo.