Meet the Farmers – Koala Farms

WHEN Anthony Staatz took over his fifth-generation family farm in 1995, it was 80ha with three staff growing seasonal potatoes and onions for local markets.

Today the Staatz’s business, trading as Koala Farms under the Fresh Choice business, is 550ha spread across five properties in southern Queensland with 50 permanent staff producing 120-150 pallets a day in about 10 lines, mainly lettuce to Coles.

Koala Farms has 240ha — out of a total of 400ha — of irrigated farms in the Darling Downs and a further 140ha of irrigated land in the Lockyer Valley at Gatton, also the home block, which includes their nursery that produces 500,000 plants a week.

The business produces year-round in about 10 products, including baby leaf, midi/normal/gem cos, cauliflower (about 30,000 on average annually in summer in the Darling Downs only), broccoli and occasional lines of pumpkins, cabbage and melons.

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