In the area between Felton and Pittsworth, you don’t have to look far to see sheds housing large numbers of laying hens producing commercial eggs. In fact approximately 7% of Australia’s commercial egg production comes from this area. The types of eggs grown include caged, cage free and free range eggs and in the near future will expand to include an organic range. Naturally, to grow all these eggs, there is a huge requirement for grain to feed the hens. Sorghum and wheat are the basis for layer rations and are sourced locally where possible. The grains are milled and supplemented with soya meal and meat meal as a source of protein, calcium and phosphorus – vitally important for strong egg shells. The eggs are gathered and packaged daily, ending up on supermarket shelves within days of being laid. Manure is regularly removed from the laying sheds and sold to horticulture and agriculture industries either as raw manure or as a fully composted organic amendment that is nutrient rich and biologically alive.

Some of the 2017 Festival stallholders showcasing end products using Eggs that can be produced in Felton are: