Felton Grain Display

The Felton Grain display takes a fascinating look at the crops grown right here in the Felton Valley as they progress through the stages of paddock right through to supermarket shelves and your pantry. Local farmers were on hand throughout the day to answer questions and provide invaluable one-on-one information about products that can, and do have, a global distribution.

As a leading Australian trader in selected pulses, grains and planting seed, PB Agrifood has been a loyal supporter of the Felton Food Festival and sponsors the Grain Display on festival day.  Products traded within PB Agrifood and synonomous with Felton Valley include mungbeans, soybeans, sunflower seed, birdseed, protein meal and millets.  PB Agrifood also provides growers with a wide range of high quality planting seed from premium suppliers including Pacific Seeds, Pioneer Seeds and Nuseed.

What a great way to get renewed appreciation from city and country alike.