George the Farmer

George the Farmer is a fun-loving character who is everyone’s friend. With his trusty dog Jessie by his side, George tackles the day to day activities of Australian farming life with enthusiasm, a can-do attitude and most importantly a big smile. Unfortunately George’s obsession with football and cricket often play havoc with not being able to finish jobs off in their entirety. Luckily for George, his beautiful and talented wife Ruby is always there to lend a helping hand. The importance and power of team work shines through every time in these Australian farming adventures.

Farming activities such as seeding, harvesting, checking stock water, spraying, fencing, making hay, cleaning troughs and more are covered throughout the creative stories to be released which subtly highlight what jobs are undertaken during the four seasons on an Australian farm. The challenges that face George and Ruby in each story closely reflect and make fun of the daily tasks that make up farming life, making the stories amusing not only for the zero to eight age group, but adults alike.

The creators, Simone Kain and Ben Hood, have won numerous awards for George over the past 12 months including the ‘Brand South Australia Flinders University Education Award’, ‘NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards Rural Entrepreneur of the Year’, ‘SA Women in Technology Innovation Award for Arts’ and more. The current George the Farmer app consistently sits in the iTunes top 10 educational apps for Australia and New Zealand in the Technologies section and the original music is currently being played on top national kids radio stations Funky Kids Radio and Little Rockers Radio.
George the Farmer has received top reviews, was featured on ABC Landline and has received national media coverage on radio and in print. He has a rapidly growing social media presence which currently sits at 15,000 Facebook fans gaining 1-200 fans per week.
He is also on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Vine.

Worldwide, consumer’s are thirsty for knowledge about where and how their food is produced. And with the United Nations predicting that food production will need to increase by 60-70% to feed our growing planet, George has the power to play a large role in both educating as well as encouraging young children to consider a future career in agriculture.

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