Art at the Felton Hall

Where: Felton Hall

When: 25-26th March, 2017 - 10.00am - 4.00pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Adrian Kraatz (Metal Sculptor)
Barry Hanlon (Ceramic Artist)
Virginia Hanlon-Roff (Painter and Ceramic Artist)
Diana Shepherd (Painter)
Margaret Shaw (Mosaicist)
Mary Donnelly (Sculptor)
Trudi Krenske (Photographer)

Seven artists have come together to present their works. The exhibition will be held across the Saturday and the Sunday of the Food Festival weekend and will be open to all. There will be a variety of artworks including ceramics, mosaics, photogrqaphy, paintings, sculpture and drawings.

While essentially this exhibition is a feast of its own with much to tickle the fancy of all who visit, it is also very much about Felton, about family and about friends. And it is exactly these relationships that make up the food of life,.

Adrian Kraatz

The discarded tractor part sits in the scrap pile. Close by, in jumbled heap, cultivator tines and metal off cuts catch my attention. Recyclers, clearing sales, old sheds, even the road side- all these places and more, offer the raw materials for my sculpture.

I derive great satisfaction from creating out of the curves and castings, the figure of a bird, an animal, perhaps a chunky door handle. Sometimes I search with an eye for a particular shape to match an already conceived design, but often the metal form itself inspires me to create.

My inspiration springs from a lifelong fascination with and observation of the natural world allied with a strong desire to reuse some of society’s waste – my skill base comes from a traditional apprenticeship, my work as a mechanic and diesel fitter and training as a blacksmith. I am a practical, problem solving, lateral thinking man and this is reflected in my work.

Seeking relaxation, I find it in bending, shaping and joining steel with other materials such as timber to create timeless, robust pieces that can have a use as well as being decorative. Steel has an inherent durability and this is one factor that attracts me to this medium. It softens and even melts in the heat of the forge allowing me to coax a new direction from the metal. There is a strength in the welded joins that contributes to my commentary. Finishes are kept simple, allowing the form to carry my message.

Iron and steel, in its many forms, is an amazing material to work. With hammer, forge and varied joining techniques, I can preserve the history of a piece, while inventing a fresh, exciting and lasting reality to introduce the material to a new audience.

Adrian Kraatz. 2017

Diana Shepherd

Hello, a bit about me!

I am originally from North Shropshire (U.K.). My hubby ( a South Yorkshireman), Jim, and I have lived andfarmed in the U.K. and N.Z. We have been farming here, in Pilton and now Kings Creek for almost thirty years.

A year ago I set myself the challenge of learning to paint abstracts. I still have my “L” plates on!

My paintings are not contrived, they are experiments ….. they begin with colours I have chosen and I love textures. After beginning a painting it evolves, sometimes easily and sometimes not. I find myself mainly motivated by landscapes, trees and flowers and a sense of place.

Margaret Shaw

I have always been attracted to embellished and painted surfaces and love bright colours, patterns and contrast. I am inspired by the colours of Mexico, India and Russia, Spain’s Antonio Gaudi, and the decorated temples of South East Asia. The glazed and embossed surfaces of ceramics also provide material and inspiration.

I am mostly self-taught but have done a number of workshops, but it is only in the last few years that I have really begun to explore and experiment with the medium. My canvas is my straw bale house as well as the garden, water tanks, pots and bird baths. My tesserae are not only broken tiles and crockery, rocks and tiles but also beads, glass and any other oddments that come my way.

The challenge is in learning design, colour matching and even exploring the limits of what can be done (? stone and polypipe). I find though, I have much to learn about pattern and colour and even fabrication. My aims are to produce durability and permanence in my work as well as a response from the viewer. At Geham State School, I am working with volunteers to add mosaics to the concrete fire tank.

Currently I am happy with my direction in mosaics but this medium will continue to give me endless challenges in both interpretation and execution.

Margaret Shaw. Mosaicist.

Barry Hanlon

Virginia Hanlon-Roff

Mary Donnelly

Mary Donnelly of Pepperock Rock and Steel Sculptures discovered her love of rock and steel later in life, but is nonetheless quite passionate about these mediums. Her creations begin as carefully chosen rocks, mostly from western landscapes, and whimsically transform into characters that have the versatility to allow people to add sculptures to their indoor and outdoor spaces.

She has successfully exhibited at the Downlands Art Show, The Graydon Gallery in Brisbane, Glen Innes Gallery, the Allora Autumn Festival and now in Felton, and she continues to challenge herself to create in original and diverse ways. 

Trudi Krenske

Trudi Krenske (nee Naumann)
Born and bred in Felton and currently living on the Sunshine Coast.
Felton is where the DustySalt Photography name comes from.

Cristy Houghton

Embarketing, 48 Johnston Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650

Cristy's unique career has taken her from country NSW to the city lights of Clarendon Street South Melbourne and back again. With an early career in radio as a copywriter and creative strategist, she is now a Jill of all trades as a graphic designer, website builder, blog writer, video editor, social media manager, marketing strategist and more. 

In fact, give her any task and this chick will figure out how to do it! Go on, we dare you!

No, really, we DARE you!!

Cristy has won two Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) for Best Ad and Best Sales Promotion, and even has an 'Employee of the Year' certificate with her name on it.

Cristy and her husband James have traveled extensively through Russia, China and South East Asia, and have two fur-babies, Sooty (cat) and Panda (puppy). Cristy loves drinking coffee, meeting people to drink coffee, coffee tasting and coffee flavoured cocktails. She also enjoys road trips, TED Talks and watching cat videos on youtube.