Bell Moutarde

Product: Old-style Fermented Mustards

Felton Core Ingredient: Onions and Chickpeas

A passion for something different, but uniquely basic to so many of our recipes resulted in Lesley turning her hand to old-style fermented mustards.  One of the most ancient of foods which crosses a multitude of cultures, mustard is for many people almost a new, unknown food group.  We first ate fermented mustard in central Germany – served as a snack with a slab of cheese, a piece of heavy rye bread and a piece of german sausage – and were hooked from that moment.  These mustards have so much more personality than the cooked mustards which invade the supermarkets.  There is a fermented mustard for every palate – from our sweet and tangy Cranberry to our strong and husky Spicy Stout.  Once we can convince Aussies that mustard is so much more than a scrape on a ham sandwich and deserves to be cooked with, then the Hidden Hero of the Pantry will come into its own.  

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