Friendship Food



Products: Organic white sorghum flour, sorghum bread premix, sorghum puffs, nightshade-free sauce and recipe book

Felton Core Ingredients: Sorghum, Beetroot and Honey

At Friendship Food we believe that by eating real wholefoods, which are minimally processed and free of additives and preservatives you can create better health.

After suffering from severe chronic pain for years as a result of her autoimmune condition, Scleroderma, Felicity eliminated particular foods from her diet which significantly improved her health. As a result we have developed a range of specific food items, which we are able to eat and thrive on.

Our spicy beet sauce is nightshade free because Felicity has found that her joint pain and psoriasis are greatly improved by avoiding nightshades.

Our sorghum products are all naturally gluten free and highly nutritious, suitable for those with a gluten intolerance or coeliacs.

We both come from farming backgrounds and believe in the importance of supporting local Australian industries through the ingredients we use and how we produce our products.

Our beautiful SOL Salt of Life range of uniquely crafted Australian salt mixes are full of natural minerals and compliment every meal.

We are working continually to create exciting new products suitable for those families with intolerances, and recipes that are simple & delicious to make your home cooking easy.