Mormor Food

Mormor Food produce Vaxtkraft, a vegetable stock concentrate available in parsley & coriander flavours.

Felton Core Ingredients: Celery, Onions and Sunflower Seeds.

Mormor Food is a Lockyer Valley artisan business producing award winning vaxtkraft (translated; ‘growing power’). We are proud to make Australia’s first low food miles and natural vegetable stock from the freshest and best produce from South-East Queensland.

Vaxtkraft is an instant, natural, full flavoured, vegetable stock concentrate that naturally improves the flavour of your food. Our ingredients are sourced from the freshest produce available, direct from farmers in the Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas. We manufacture small batched to ensure a high quality product and flavour is available for our customers for them to create unforgettable meals and culinary delights.

We also use vaxtkraft to flavour and then roast Australian sunflower and pumpkin seeds, delicious sprinkled on salads and sandwiches, or eaten on their own.