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Golden Ark / Farmgate Honey - Bees in the Felton Valley – Len Arkadieff

The Felton area is considered as a very important area where bee hives can be kept.  The lowland areas of the valley have cultivated monocrops, some of which, such as monosaturated type sunflowers, a crop can be gathered.  The weeds that grow are mainly of European origin and provide copius quantities of high protein pollen which is vital for building good strong colonies before moving hives onto a potential honey crop somewhere else.

On the higher ground surrounding the Felton valley are hills on which eucalyptus called Mountain Coolibah or Blackbox grow.  When budded it is a winter flowering tree. This tree provides highly nutritious pollen and is very good for overwintering colonies. Periodically, Coolibah produces a crop of honey but generally it is only stores.

Taking an overview of the Felton Valley and its usefulness to commercial husbandry of beehives. It would be considered as highly important to continue in its present form.