Sol Salt of Life

Product: Mineral rich salts and salt mixes.

Providing recipe cards on how to season and complement Felton inspired food such as Pork, Popcorn and Garden Salads.

Our artisan salts, rubs and mixes are alluring and exquisite products that will help you enjoy whole food with real flavour.

Artisan Salts have been harvested using traditional extraction methods. There is minimal processing involved thus preserving all the essential minerals and elements contained in the salt. Artisan Salts also bare the colour, texture, flavour and crystalline structure of the particular region in which they are from. These characteristics are shaped by the minerals in the earth, the temperature, the wind speed and the rainfall of the region where the salt is harvested.

New to the SOL product line-up is the SOL Black and White is our Australian salt ‘n’ pepper mix. This unique and practical mix contains the zing of cracked pepper, delicate Australian Murray River Flake Salt and the nutritious Tasmanian Brown Kelp is a great in a dish on the table for every meal. And then there’s the hottest rub around, our 60 Shades of Salt - an exotic, multi-faceted spicy salt rub utilising a blend of the raw Australian sea salt and a heady mixture of herbs and spices chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities. This rub is beautiful on any meat.

Natural Salt helps to enrich the flavour of produce and it has the ability to tenderise and enhance the qualities of a great cut of meat. A pinch of natural salt brings out the sweetness in food and it applies heartiness to a meal without overpowering natural flavours and texture – it is the best flavour enhancer our planet has to offer and it occurs in our hemisphere in bountiful supply. 

Artisan Salts are alluring and exquisite products and we hope you enjoy the range of rubs and mixes we have created so that you and your loved ones can experience really special, whole food with real flavour.