Woodspring Sprout-Fed Beef

Woodspring farm is a small family cattle farm in Inglewood,120 km southwest of Felton. They believe in looking after animals and the land. After seeing so many properties in the area reduced to dust and weeds, they began to look for another way of doing things. They reject traditional farming practices as they don't like having pesticide, hormone or other chemical residue in the food they eat, and they think customers deserve better, too. Instead, they feed their cattle a diet based on sprouted barley, and rotate them through paddocks to allow the land time to heal each year. They sell their meat through meat parties (and sometimes food festivals!), so you can get some great discounts and try their meat before you buy it. 

In 2012, they worked with local family-owned business Fodder Solutions, Glen Farm and Blask Engineering to build the infrastructure to feed the freerange cattle a standardised, custom-designed feed ration without ripping up the paddocks or exposing the farmers to fertilisers and pesticides. They harvest nearly two tonnes of barley grass every day to supplement the pasture the small herd of cattle eat. Living sprouts are extremely high in nutrients.This increase in available nutrients leads to improved coat and hoof health, as well as greater weight gain, better temperament, and tastier meat.

The farmers believe in transparency and welcome visitors to the farm.