The gentle slopes and reliable water of the Felton Valley and surrounds make it a desirable place to grow vegetables. Lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, onions, celery and silverbeet are some of the crops grown. These are labour intensive industries (easily sourcing workers from nearby Toowoomba) that can turn over a crop from planting to harvest in as little as six weeks (as is the case with lettuce). To satisfy supply contracts, vegetable growers may have to plant part of a block every day. This ensures come harvest time, there is a steady flow into the market, rather than you as a consumer having to eat your annual intake of celery in one week! It is estimate around 4 million lettuce heads are grown in Felton and the surrounding areas each year.

Some of the 2017 Festival stallholders showcasing end products using Vegetables that can be grown in Felton are: